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Hello everyone ^-^ my name is Clarissa but you can call me Clair if you'd like. I'm a soon to be 20yr, currently in my first year of college, and it's hard to tell but I'm quite shy ^^;;
I love anime! I particularly like the good oldies like Yu Yu Hakusho, Cyborg 009,Cowboy Bebop, and I especially LOVE Lupin the 3rd! I'm currently really fond of One Piece as well! There's more that I like but it'd be a really long list x3
Another thing that I love is Pokemon!

My main Pokemon I collect are: 040061527528 434435          (I'm mainly known for collecting Swoobat and Wigglytuff cx)

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Love balls anyone?

Hi everyone~ I usually don't create posts but at this point I really want this e w e
My favorite pokeballs are love balls and I do not have pokebank and I really don't like the cloud concept (sorry if anyone likes it;;;). So in the wondertrade I was lucky enough to get a buneary in a love ball which shows love balls can be in the game! If anyone has any pokemon, really any pokemon I'm not picky, in a love ball in ether pokemon X,Y, or ORAS, I would love that pokemon please! I don't have much to offer but if there's something I can help with I can try ; w ; b